Dog walking and pet sitting services


Dog walking
Daily group walks take place every morning (usually between 9 -11AM, depending on the number of dog pick ups)

Walks can include anything from on-leash power walks around the neighborhood, to off-leash dog parks, to hiking or playing on the beach (depending on the day and the dog)

Private walks

Afternoon walks often involve private walks (mostly for dogs with social/aggressive behavior problems that need to be walked on their own)

Private walks will always be on-leash and can include jogging

Pet/house sitting

Instead of boarding your dog at a kennel, Gillian will house sit at your home while you are away for a night, the weekend, on vacation, etc. 

Dog walks are included, of course. Many prefer having someone stay at the house where the dog is comfortable in their own home and doesn't have to change routines. 

**New clients will be asked to fill out a questionnaire form with all the necessary information on their dog and whatever contact information is required. Gillian will arrange a meet & greet (at no cost, of course) with you at home in order to get to know you, your pet, and your house. Keys and alarm codes to client residences are kept strictly confidential. 

*Dunn's Doggies is not responsible for any fines for non-licensed dogs.